About Oh Yun-soo

Birthday :           1971 October 27th
Blood Type:       O
Debut :              1990 MBC Talent
Agency:             Management 具(nine)
Interests:            Cooking, telephone and clock collection
Hobbies:            Golf, classical dancing, singing
Close Friends:   Yoo Ho-jung, Shin Ae-ra, Lee Hye-young, Choi Ji-woo
Educational background :
      Elementary :       Yeudo elementary school
      High School:      Yeudo junior high school ; Anyang art high school
      College:             DanKook University

TV Dramas
2011 MBC Gye Baek
2010 SBS Bad Guy
2009 KBS The Queen Returns
2008 MBC La Dolce Vita/Bittersweet Life
2006 MBC Jumong
2005 KBS Goodbye Sadness/ Farewell to Tears
2004 KBS A Second Proposal
2003 MBC Snowman
2002 KBS Hard Love/Unreserved Love
2001 MBC Law of Marriage
2000 SBS Woman on Top
1998 MBC Love and Success
1998 MBC Living With The Enemy
1998 MBC Shoot Toward Tomorrow
1997 MBC Bloody Revenge
1996 SBS Mother's Flag
1996 SBS In the Name Of Love
1996 SBS Mangang
1995 MBC War and Love
1994 KBS The Man Worries Me
1993 KBS Endure Sunday
1992 MBC Two Women
1992 MBC Son and Daughter
1991 MBC Eyes of Dawn
1990 MBC The Gayageum Comes Alive (Debut)

TV Shows
2010 Story On Married Woman's World
2008 Olive TV Oh Yeon-soo's Secret Diary

2012 Run to the South
1998 The Happenings
1997 Firebird
1995 Winter with a Piano
1994 Rules of the Game
1993 Cutting the Sorrow With a Knife Stuck in the Chest
1992 The General's Son 3
1992 Man Upstairs, Woman Downstairs

2010 Style Icon Awards Fashionista Category
2006 Grand Scale Historical Drama Award, MBC Drama Awards
2004 Top Excellence Award (Actress), KBS Drama Awards
1998 MBC Best Actress
1993 29th Baeksang Art Awards New Actor Award (Movie Category; Female)
1992 13th Blue Dragon Awards New Actor Award
1992 3rd Chunsa Film Festival New Actress Award
1991 27th Baeksang Art Awards New Actor Award (TV Category; Female)
1990 MBC New Actor