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Graceful & charismatic queen, Oh Yeon Soo's Fashion Passion

Asian eyes, hooknose,Oh Yeon Soo is so graceful with lips like cherries.Even if you look in detail enough is difficult to notice, her facial features is small but has strength.Though there is no any ointment, the snow-white dress with a bouquet in the spacious grassland that consecrated her is filled with blessing for this wedding fashion. 
Awkward gestures and hand toward someone like trying to wave somewhere.The smile as well as the dress with unspoiled purity is so alive. Keeping the horse stay at Oh Yun Soo’s background is to make the photo more dynamic. In addition, photos from 20 years back is more on to have tastes rather stylish.
Oh Yun Soo featuring elegant black and white look at the old photos is already a dandy’s natural glimpse. The large grassland was changed twice before,with frill sleeve and sensual padded see-through material Oh Yun soo showed her appeal in a wedding dress. In those days, the stylist ought not have even a tenuous sense of fashion to make it unique.
The stiff bandana gives a cool effect to Oh Yun soo. If you look like to get through the harsh desert in the liberal 20s, 40yrs old Oh Yun Soo tiny stature with the all-white look throughout something charismatic in the background is breathtaking.
Behind Oh Yun soo, in the 1994 avant-garde style is the handsome actor Lee Jung Jae. Oh Yun soo together with Designer Ha Yong Soo’s pictorial model Lee Jung jae for their first time.
In the recently ended KBS2 drama “IRIS 2”, Oh Yun soo performed an enthusiastic play as the deputy director of the secret intelligence agency NSS. As much as her consistent acting her graceful charisma also stands out. The character is suitable to wear fashion jackets and smokey make-up that adds compliment to the drama.Lots of efforts has been made for the production of special outfits for the drama that is very understandable.
As such, Oh Yun soo’s passion for fashion are always hot.As actresses who are at their prime of their career and gets older were embellished with color and pattern, Oh Yun Soo has more strength in fashion as she gets older.That’s why it stands out even more.
Cooking without losing the color and design, Oh Yun Soo is always “graceful as herself” as years pass by. 


Oh Yun Soo for Harper's BAZAAR

Oh Yeon Soo pictorial stance exposed her side for the first time, alluring beauty radiates!

Oh Yun Soo reveals again her alluring beauty.

Recent KBS2 Drama IRIS 2 cast, Oh Yun soo - BAZAAR Photoshoot has been released last April 25 2013

With her feminine yet mannish look coexists with Global Luxury Brand Jay Estina, Oh Yun soo turned into an alluring woman. Chic edge look and smoky eyes, her soft charisma caught all the filming staffs.

Black and White-fringed clothes matching with Jay Estina Handbags, Oh Yun Soo showed a disconnect style look than ever before.

Meanwhile, over the years, unchangingly beautiful Oh Yeon Soo's pictorial can be found at the BAZAAR Magazine May 2013 Issue.

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Oh Yun soo for LUXURY Magazine

Oh Yeon Soo took the LUXURY fashion magazine pictorial for March 2013.

Representation of a woman's spring collection wearing the same outfit with own style. In this 2013 SS pictorial together with the brand DERECUNY, Oh Yun Soo emits intense eyes, in contrast to the feminine outfits that showed off the charm that is not too much made it eye-catching.

In the pictorial, Oh Yun soo wears a leather top and skirt with featured lace print
and made use of a bourgeois city atmosphere. Black and white printing coat and
ivory pants matches with the smooth curve-cut hat shows off the graceful appeal.

The hair and make-up is also impressive. Neutral short cut hairstyles with asymmetric wave direction provides a feminine twist. Especially the emphasized underline on the smokey make-up has further heightened the intense gaze.

Meanwhile, photos of Oh Yun soo featuring DERECUNY Spring Collection is included in the LUXURY Magazine March 2013 issue.

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Oh Yun soo for VOQUE and GQ Magazine

Oh Yun soo transformed into "amazing" strong chic glamorous woman in the VOGUE and GQ pictorial. Beside from being ready to return to a movie screen, Oh Yun soo unveiled a chic attraction pictorial.

Intense make-up, refined costumes, Oh Yun soo in short-cut hair reminisces a strong warrior in the pictorial, expressing the beauty of strong women.Oh Yun Soo's full of feminine knit dress with a thrilling see-through outfits also shows hidden sexiness. Although Oh Yun soo shows unconventional transformations in her every work, this pictorial-look offers chic and dazzling charm more than ever.

In addition, even with the age of 40's, you can see her a thorough self-management from the glimpse of her unbelievably strong abs. Ahead from the premiere of her comeback movie, "South Bound/Run to the South" which she will play as Ahn Bong Hee, the pictorial turns her 180° from its attractive appeal.

This pictorial makes the men flutter with the wide range of toughness yet sexy woman that gives more attention to her upcoming movie.

On the other hand, Oh Yun soo will transform into a legendary activist's wife and mother with 3 kids on the film that had its premiere last February 7 2013.

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Actress Oh Yeon soo at '2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' Ji Chun

Actress Oh Yeon soo attends the '2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' Ji Chun Hwi collection and poses at the photo booth. Event was held last March 27 2013 at 어위도 IFC Mall,Yeongdeungpo district, Seoul.

Other attendees of the event are Park Se yeong, Kim Woo Bin, Cha Ye-ryeon, Kang So ra, Lee Yun ji, Seo Yeong hwi, Kim Min Kyung, Jang Yoon ju, Ka Hwi, Hwang Shin hye, Kim Jung hwa, Nine Muses' Euaerin, Kim Yoona and many others.

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