Best friends Oh Yun soo & Yu Ho jeong's “Elegant charm”

Famous actresses Yoo Ho-jung and Oh Yun soo will be together as cover models.
The two actresses will be the cover models for the 44th anniversary issue of general women magazine “Women’s Central”. Having two top actresses in a women magazine is rare.

Graceful but chic Yoo Ho Jung and Oh yun soo together with designer Ji Chun hee gives a comfortable and stylish atmosphere and has been directed as the best shot for this pictorial.

After the childhood catalog shoot, although they both have less work, the two actresses have a lot of similarities and became close together soon after their marriage. Now the two families don’t feel uncomfortable even when they travel together.

Having a face like a girl, there’s a lot of people who are attracted to Yoo Ho jung and indeed she is surrounded by many stars that follows her. Oh Yun soo talking about Yoo Ho jung “As commonly known, she is not someone who works outside” and continued “Although having various of work, she perfectly performs her role as a wife and as a mother”.

Yoo Ho jung says about Oh Yun soo is “just like a man”, comparing her to a guy “Yun soo has a simple character not making a big deal on anything. Yun-soo is the type of person who never shows anyone how hard it is, and she considers things by herself, completing tasks without saying a word”. She continued “As a mom who is being calm standing at the center, Oh Yun soo’s sons’ character are also good. She is filled with courtesy and consideration to her body”.

Yoo Ho jung and Oh Yun soo’s pictorial and interview can be found in the “Women’s Central” Magazine’s 44th Anniversary issue which will be released this November.
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CENOVIS "3-Plus Upgrade" Release - Actress Oh Yun soo Fan-signing event

Healthy food brand, CENOVIS, has released an enhanced existing 3-in-1 solution '3-Plus Upgrade' for the modern busy people. On its release, actress Oh Yun soo has met with her fans through a fan signing event.

October 20 afternoon, OBS 'Unique Entertainment News " had an interview during the CENOVIS fan signing event for the opening of "CENOVIS 3-plus Upgrade" held at Shinsegae Department Store in Yeongdeungpo- dong , Seoul.

On this day, Oh Yun soo appeared with a bobbed-cut hair wearing white blouse and black skirt that has attracted attention in her alluring "age confusing" look.

For having a fan signing event after a long time, "It's been a while since the last time meeting with fans. Meeting with them, seeing their eyes is really good" Oh Yun soo said.

Oh Yun soo, being elected as the role model for 20-30yrs old women, "It really feels good. I'll live well more in the future" she said.

Also, about Oh Yun soo's bobbed-cut hair "My hair during 'IRIS' has grown a lot. I don't know which work is to enter next so i'm letting my hair grow for now."

Finally, Oh yun soo said "I will not have lots of work for this year because of 'IRIS', I will have new projects next year."

Oh Yeon Soo signed throughout the event without losing the smile and warm eyes and sends fans showing consistently bright and vibrant look.

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Oh Yun soo 'forgetting the age with her fashion'

October 19, Actress Oh Yun soo poses at the photo wall at '2014 S / S Seoul Fashion Week ' designer Ji Chun-hee or 'Miss Gee' Collection Fashion show held at IFC Mall Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

Other celebrities who attended the said event are Yoon So-ee, Hwang Sin-hye, Cha Ye-ryeon, Uhm Ji-won, Lee Jung Hyun, Kim Wan-sun, and some other stars.

Sponsored by the city and by Innocean Worldwide, '2014 S / S Seoul Fashion Week' informs internally and externally about the Korean Fashion 한류(Korean wave) by having global fashion events, a Fashion show by Korea's top designers and promising young designers on the following 23 days.

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'Love Your W' - W Korea Breast Cancer prevention campaign 2013

October 17, evening, Actress Oh Yun soo has attended and had a photo time at the breast cancer prevention campaign ′LOVE YOUR W' held at PRADIA, Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

“W Korea” held this “Love Your W” campaign for 8 years already having its purpose to spread awareness of the critical illness breast cancer and the importance of having frequent check-ups and diagnosis for females. Adding to that, due to many would like to help, the campaign did really worked.

Meanwhile, other attendees on this evening's event are Yui Nana Jung-ah & Joo-yun(After School), Ivy, Gain. Lee Yo won, Shin Se-kyung, So Yi-hyeon, Yoo In-ah, Oh Yoon-ah, Nam Gyu-ri, Cha Hwa-yeon, Ye Ji-won, Kim Sung-eun, Choi-hee, Dana, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Ji-hoon, Lee Seung-chul, etc.

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