Oh's son makes surprise appearance on 'Healing Camp'

Actress Oh Yeon-soo's son made his first surprise appearance on SBS talk show "Healing Camp" on Monday, generating an influx of responses from viewers.

Oh, wife of singer-actor Son Ji-chang, was featured on an episode of the popular SBS show during which she received a surprise heartfelt video-letter from her firstborn son. The actress could h...ardly contain her excitement when Sung-min, 13, appeared on the screen.

In the warm recorded message, Sung-min thanked his celebrity mother for not pressuring him so much to study as other mothers do. He also added, "Thank you for taking such good care of me although you are so busy with acting". As well as showing his sincerity, the young boy showed his wit by saying, "I know you don't like it when I fight with my brother. I'd be lying if I said I will never fight with him, but I'll try my best to fight with him less".

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Healing Camp with Oh Yeon soo [20111128] part 1

                                                      [SBS] 힐링캠프 기쁘지아니한가! 20회 "오연수" (20111128) 01

You can watch the full episode here at 
http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/azqU3fWI7Aw/v.swf ... 



Oh Yeon-soo will be appearing on SBS Healing Camp this week, November 28

‎[News] actress @Oh yeon- su mentions Kim Nam Gil as her younger actor and colleague. . In the 28th of this month, SBS will broadcast on SBS a television talk show "Healing Camp". OYS said: Kim Nam Gil devoted a lot to his performace in the drama Bad Guy. She later on mentioned the difference of personality of actors Kim Nam Gil and Lee Dong Wook from their image as an actor in real life. In the program, she also will tell her life story as a wife and mother , as well as her relationship with other female actresses like Ha Ji-won. Program will air on November 28 at 11 PM.

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Gyebaek-Sa Taek bi-Oh Yeon soo thanksgiving greetings

  • 계백-사택비_오연수 추석인사

    English Translation:

Oh Yeon soo here from  Gye Baek

playing the role of Sa Taek bi 

I love you so much for giving a lot of honor to Gye Baek

To cupitter,loyal netizens, and all twitterians, thank you very much for all your love

Hoping for a warm and hearty welcome 

a also a lot love and health to our Gyebaek 

Thank you very much!




Oh Yeon soo at "The Wallenstein" Fashion Show

Singer Kim Wan Seon launched a Fashion Show Stage, "The Wallenstein", last November 10,Friday held at Seoul, Daechi Superior Tower 101.

 In the event, there are Oh Yeon Soo,Oh Hyeon Kyeong, Di Sem Beo, Ha yu mi and Yoon Jeong Soo attending the event.




[G2011] Son Ji Chang - Oh Yeon Soo with their sons, visit the Blizzard booth

Sonjichang - Oh Yeon Soo family had a great time to visit the Blizzard booth.

From November 10-13,a Blizzard Booth is being held in Busan BEXCO G-Star 2011. Son Ji Chang-Oh Yeon soo and family came to visit took the time to talk with Baek Young Jae, Manager of Blizzard Korea.

They enjoy the visit and like as usual Starcraft2 . Son Ji Chang - Oh Yeon Soo family's request Lee Rwo Jin to know Blizzard Korea Officials and spoke about Blizzard's new movie and they spent time playing them.

On the other hand, the G-Star 2011 will celebrate its opening on the 3rd day. Visitors are medium to large game companies at home and abroad who experience different games they have released.

Additional photos from inven.co.kr

[= Blizzard Korea CEO Baek Young Jae  (left) and Singer/Actor sonjichang (right).

[= Eldest son, Actress Oh Yeon Soo ]

[Oh yeon soo-Son Ji Chang second son]

[Oh yeon soo and eldest son]