Oh Yeon Soo ageless 'soft see - through Fashion ~ "Jackie's Capri" VIP Opening Ceremony

March 25 2012 

Fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's life photo exhibition of "Jackie Capri (Jakie's Capri)" VIP opening ceremony on May 25 held in Seoul Gangnam horim Art Center Auction gallery.

Actress Oh Yun soo attended "Jackie's Capri" the phto exhibition

Jackie's Capri (Jakie's Capri) ' exhibition will be open to public from May 26 until June 5 at Gangnam-gu, Seoul Gangnam Sinsa Auction Galleries. Italian luxury brand TOZ (TOD'S) exhibition will also be unveiled.

Meanwhile actresses such as Chae Si ra, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Yun Ah (Jaurim), Model Han Hye Jin, chayeryeon, Yoo, Park Ji Yoon, Park Ye Jin attended the said event.



Oh Yun soo, Kim Min and Tiara signed a exclusive agency contract

May 21 2012

Actress Oh Yun soo has signed a new management contract to " Management 具(9)".

Talents has been active in film and drama such as the latest actress Oh Yun soo, Kim Min, Kang Eun bi, Oh In Hye and also girl groups such as Tiara, Supernova, Davichi has signed a exclusive contract to Management 具

Actress Oh Yun soo is born 1971. She previously played in dramas such as Gye Baek, Bad Guy, Bittersweet Life, Jumong...etc. This year, she will be playing a movie that is based on a novel by Hideo Okuda that will be directed by Im Sun rye entitled "South Bound(unofficial eng. title)". The movie will be her movie comeback after 14 years.

Management 具 (nine) is a management that has a system putting talents to their respective expertise in acting to ensure a smooth casting in drama and film making for future plans.

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[UPDATE]Child Actor Park Sarang, Famous actors Kim Yun Seok and Oh Yun soo will be together in the upcoming movie "South Bound"

Child actor Park Sa rang(Floating star Entertainment) will have a leading role together with veteran actors.

The film "South Bound" / "Run to the south" directed by Im Sun Rye is based on the a original novel by Hideo Okuda. Actor Kim Yun seok, Oh Yun soo and child actor Park Sa rang has been cast.

The shooting of "South Bound [Unofficial English Title]" will be at Wando Island,South Jeolla Province. Movie follows an anarchist father, who was a former student activist, and his adolescent child.

Another idealistic period through a man's failure tweaking "human comedy" reminds us that make the meaning of family in 'family movie' to have fun and enjoy.

Daughter of actress Oh Yeon Soo gimyunseok and especially the amount of night it is okay 'suitability image contrast' high evaluation scores received from the crew back to the story came out.



Oh Yun soo & Son Ji Chang appears in May 2 broadcast of SBS 'TV entertainment of the night'

May 2 2012
In the May 2 broadcast of SBS 'TV entertainment of the night', Oh Yun soo & Son Ji Chang is featured on an interview.

When Son Ji Chang is asked to be up to date "(twife) When I saw her in drama" he said. Oh Yeon Soo "I does not seems to be real" then he loughs.

(photo source: SBS "한밤의 TV연예" capture)

Son Ji Chang a busy businessman and Oh Yun soo as a manager.

Oh  Yun soo said "even without activity in my agency, it's good being a part of my husband's work"

Son Ji Chang "all things, including contracts and negotiations, makes me stressed " he said.

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Oh Yun soo's Latest CFs released

April 30 2012


CENOVIS TriPlus 50+

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