Oh Yun soo시구, Overall look and posture~"it's neat"

[**시구(shi-gu)=A famous female who threw the first ball in the opening game of the pro
baseball match
*sometimes, it refers to the throw of the female icon itself.]
[photo by: news1]

Actress Oh Yun soo's 시구 has been the topic lately.

September 29 2013, Oh Yun soo at the pitcher's mound as 시구 on the LG Twins vs. Samsung Lions pro baseball game held at Seoul Jamsil Baseball Stadium has attracted attentions.

With the LG uniform and a jeans that gives a neat 시구outfit, Oh Yun soo started with a simple 시구 greetings, stating for readiness and at the same time gave empowerment to the players.

As followed, on the pitcher's mound, without an afterthought, she begun to be in wind-up position showing after the ball and threw. The commentators who are watching complements her saying "she threw a great ball!". Clara, Shin Soo-jin, Tae-mi and other recent issues of not so famous stars, after a long time, baseball fans saw another traditional 시구 and hotly cheered on it.

After the throw Oh Yun Soo, with a bright look, waves to the audience and passed through the stadium.
Netizen's reaction on Oh Yun soo's 시구 are like "The 시구 seems to flow with the procedure", "Oh Yun soo 시구, her bright eyes seems to stand out more", "Oh Yun soo 시구 indeed had a clean costume and graceful posture"...etc.

More photos here: www.facebook.com/Ohyunso.FP
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Oh Yun soo ~'The beauty that goes against the years'~ September 27 2013

Oh Yun soo has attended the Johnnie Walker House opening event in Seoul on September 27, held in Johnnie Walker House at Chungdamdong, Gangnam district, Seoul. 

On the event, Oh Yun soo wore a medium gray color dress. Together with the dazzling chest cut dress, the green colored clutch bag has completed the sophistication of the whole. 

On her twitter account, she posted a photo of her on the said event and tweeted about her long time hiatus of being a celebrity.
오랜만에 메이크업하고 행사나들이~~

English translation:  It's been awhile since the last time I put some makeup and attended an event~~

Recent comments of the netizens about Oh Yun soo are "age seems to go on Oh Yun soo's beauty" "Oh Yun soo is not like a mother" "Oh Yun soo seems to have a thorough self-management" and other variety of reactions.

Meanwhile, other than Oh Yun soo, other celebrities such as Oh Ji ho, Kang Ji hwan, Cha Ye Ryeon, and also Song Sung Hoon has attended the said event.

"Johnny Walker House" is a globally spreading Johnny Walker project. Johnnie Walker House in Seoul is Korea's the first Luxury Lifestyle Whiskey space. Except for the first floor, all floors will be in a form of 'Invitation Only' system as for the space will be decorated for the costumers.

translation by: kyungri