Oh Yun Soo Airport Fashion

November 23,Oh Yun soo at Incheon International Airport going to Hungary for IRIS 2 shooting.

Oh Yun soo's airport fashion truly proves that she is indeed a fashionista.

Oh Yun soo is wearing a long leader with sheepskin hoody-jacket
that matched her color grey upper apparel and dark-grey shorts with matching
black stockings and black high-heels shoes. All in all, together with the shades and black bag and skull scarf, really shows a lot of charisma to her.

On this day Oh Yeon Soo is heading to the departure area together with other casts Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Joon.

Oh Yun soo will be playing the character of Choi Min, the new NSS deputy director replacing Baek San who is arrested by NSS after knowing his influence in the secret organization IRIS.

IRIS 2 is the sequel of 2009 KBS2 Drama IRIS who garnered highest ratings of 39.9% nationwide and second on  politan having 41.8% (per TNS Media).
IRIS 2 will air on February 13 next year following KBS2 Drama "Woochi" whose currently airing.



Oh Yun soo narrating in tears...'Human Documentary - Love', Daughter's story "Been Moved"

Actress Oh Yeon Soo, broke down in tears during the narration.

Recently, Oh Yun soo at MBC ‘Human Documentary- Love’ Part 2 “My Mom’s Bondong house” been challenged for first time narrating in her life. 
The story tells about the family of the 7th daughter out of 8 children, Chae Sung ae-ss that takes care of her maiden mother who has a dementia.
Oh Yun soo who narrated through a crew “Normally ‘Human Documentary-Love’s viewers,will deeply sympathize with the story of Chin Sung ae-ssi’s dedication to her mother”.
In addition, at the beginning of the narration of Oh Yeon Soo comes upon in a relaxing atmosphere in the recording up until the mid part where the main character, Chae Seung ae-ssi’s mother symptoms became serious (Oh Yun soo) shed tears from the daughter’s perspective, felt empathy and burst into tears at the back door.
Oh Yun soo said “Sick mother,even for a certain time,Chae Seung ae-ssi’s family looks in the heart and tried to live happily was heartwarming” in her own tears saying in the narration testimony.
Meanwhile. Oh Yun soo showed tears  at ‘Human Documentary - Love’s “My Mother’s Bondong House” will broadcast on November 22, 8:50 pm.

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Oh Yun soo "20 years since my first time in action, a big challenge"(IRIS 2)

Thinking about the challenge of first time acting action, actress Oh Yun soo said.
Oh Yun said at the KBS2 "IRIS 2" showcase held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel,Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul "20 years since my first time in this kind of genre is challenging ,action itself is a big challenge " she said.

Oh Yun soo continued "in an unusual scene, me also is expected to flutter" and "A lot of people this days is better if watching new appearance. I'll try my best of being one." she explained. In addition "Compared to other actors, I'm not a fan of violent action" adding to that "I jump directly on the scene although the role has some extent of dynamic appearance that should be shown" she said. On the other hand, Korean spy action drama 'IRIS 2', 'IRIS' season 2 , will continue that story behind the death of NSS best elite agent Hyun Joon(Lee Byung Hoon) 3 years after. Broadcast will be in early February 2013.

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'IRIS 2' holds its first script recital session

November 14-2012

Upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thu drama 'IRIS 2' has been confirmed for broadcast in February 2013, and the cast members recently held its first script recital session.

The first script recital session saw the attendance of Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Bum Soo, Oh Yeon Soo, Im Soo Hyang, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon, Baek Sung Hyun, and other cast members.

'IRIS' in 2009 rewrote Korean drama history when it aired, so the sequel will try to give viewers an even better story with rich contents.

The session went by smoothly in a amiable environment with the production company expressing, "'IRIS 2' will definitely break the notion that sequels rarely surpass their predecessors, and we hope that this would be a drama that will live long in the memories of viewers, and also become a beautiful memory for all the cast members that participated in it."

Co-directors Pyo Min Soo and Kim Tae Hoon then said in unison, "We hope that this would be a happy collaboration," with everyone clapping in acknowledgement.

The production company revealed, "Each cast members have painstakingly studied their characters thoroughly to assimilate themselves into their roles, and showed us their professionalism and unbridled passion for the drama. Everyone involved has a strong belief that the drama will become a good role model for the Korean spy genre."

'IRIS 2' happens 3 years after elite National Security Service (NSS) agent Hyun Joon dies. Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk), Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae), Yoo Joong Won (Lee Bum Soo), Choi Min (Oh Yeon Soo), Seo Hyun Woo (Yoon Doo Joon), and others will line up for NSS against IRIS led by Baek San (Kim Young Chul), Park Cheol Young (Kim Seung Woo), and others. The drama will also reveal the ultimate secret behind the secretive IRIS organization.

'IRIS 2' held a showcase on November 13th to herald the opening act, and the drama will succeed 'Jeon Woo Chi' and greet viewers in February of next year.

news & photo source: http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/iris-2-holds-its-first-script-recital-session-074000585.html


Oh Yun soo at 'IRIS 2' Press Conference

November 13-2012

KBS2TV‘s new Wednesday-Thursday drama series Iris 2 had a showcase on the afternoon of November 13 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Yeoksam-dong in the Grand Ballroom.

The president of the showcase Jung Taewon, director Pyo Minsoo and Kim Taehoon showed up. Along with actors Jang Hyuk, Lee Dahae, Lee Bumsoo, Oh Yeonsoo, Yoon Doojun of BEAST, Lee Jun ofMBLAQ, Yoo Min, Lim Soohyang who also attended the showcase.

Iris 2 is the second series to 2009′s Korean blockbuster drama Iris 1, it is said that Iris 2 will be the follow-up drama after Jeon Woo Chi in February 2013.

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