‎'South' Oh Yun soo "I would like to continue starring in a movie"

Actress Oh Yun soo, after 15 yrs,wants to continue starring in a movie according to her testimony.

Oh yun soo said at 'Run to the South(South Bound)' briefing session, held at 서울 건대입구 롯데시네마 8am, "I want to continue being in a movie".

After iasked how she feel being in a movie for a long time "I am doing dramas for 15 yrs,but I wanted to continue being in movies because it works particularly appropriate" and "That's why i accept 'Run to the south' " she said.

The continued "While shooting movies before, i was thinking if I will still continue filming movies in the future,and I think I would very much like to continue" she said.

Oh Yun soo will play the role of the wife of Choi Hae Gap(Kim Yoon Suk) which he unconditionally believe, and the woman who has full of secrets, An Bong Hee, 

Meanwhile,unlike the others,the movie that is full of happiness 'South bound' will premiere on February 7 2013.